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Real-Time Transformation with Makro Store Remodeling in San Juan, Medellin, with Volartech

Real-Time Transformation with Makro Store Remodeling in San Juan, Medellin, with Volartech

In today’s business, technology and innovation are fundamental pillars for achieving success and efficiency in operations. A clear example of this premise is the collaboration between our team (Volartech) and Makro, the remodeling project of San Juan store in the city of Medellín, where they acquired OBRALiVE service.

In this blog, we will tell you how we responded to their unique needs and significantly contributed to improving the efficiency of the operations on the construction site.

First, we must understand Makro’s specific need: Real-Time Monitoring of the Interior and Exterior store remodeling in San Juan.

Initiating the remodeling of a store involves meticulous coordination, constant monitoring, and quick decision-making to ensure that the project progresses smoothly and within budget.

Makro faced this challenge when embarking on the remodeling of their store. Their organization needed a  real-time monitoring that would allow technical and managerial teams localization on other parts of the world to better manage the project by visualizing and supervising every aspect of the work.

With that goal in mind, we began a collaborative effort. We started installing multiple cameras facing the construction site to provide real-time visibility into what was happening. Using the recorded clips, we compiled visual material that became the perfect resource for generating time-lapse videos and many more tracking options.

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 Now, let’s explain why choosing Volartech over other options in the market.

Differentiation and Experience:

Searching for a solution that met all their needs, Makro encountered several options in the market. However, our team’s proposal stood out above all others.

The competitiveness of our services was evident in our capacity and specialization in providing a comprehensive solution to address Makro’s specific challenges, results of our organization previous experience and reputation in the aerial technology sector.

With our organization, you will find a contribution to efficiency and optimization in operations.

The real-time monitoring project we implemented seamlessly integrated into the remodeling process, thanks to the technology we provided. As a result, Makro’s management teams could access crucial information in real-time, download high-resolution images, and perform multi-temporal analysis on different dates and times.

In this way, we provided an excellent solution to executives and technical teams located kilometers away, as our technology allowed them to monitor the entire store indoors and outdoors.

With the help of our services, you can obtain various valuable content for your company. That’s why we want to show you the results obtained in this project,  click here. 

Makro is the ideal example to demonstrate that even a large company can stay at the forefront by using the right technology, tools, and services to create quality content, whether in videos, photographs, or addressing immediate needs.

If you also desire specialized assistance for innovative and remote construction monitoring, contact us by clicking here for guidance and more information.