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Elevating Real Estate Development in Florida, USA: Meet our Successful Collaborative Project with Macondo (Drone Video)

In today’s world, aerial and digital technology has become a fundamental pillar for various sectors, and real estate development is no exception. At Volartech we are part of the transformation by providing innovative solutions that help visualize, promote and optimize real estate projects efficiently. 

In this blog, we want you to know one of our success stories in which we partnered with Macondo, a real estate development company led by Santiago Grisales in Colombia. The approach we provided to this project contributed to its success.

We conducted an analysis of our main objective and from there we came up with our challenge, which is:

Distance and need for visualization

Macondo’s main challenge was the geographical distance between Colombia and the United States, where their real estate project was under development. Their principal objective was showing to potential investors the real opportunity behind this project, and this is where Volartech came into play. 

The necessity of a tool that would allow an accurate and complete visualization of the project from Colombia was the driving force that led them to seek our services in Volartech US LLC.

Why Volartech was the perfect choice for Macondo’s project:

Macondo identified several characteristics that differentiated Volartech from other options in the market. First, the quick response and delivery surprised their organization. 

From the first contact to the final delivery of the product, Volartech provided exceptional efficiency, this speed was essential to use the tool in the marketing of the fractions of the project immediately. In addition, our on-site presence allowed for a deeper and more precise understanding of the specific project requirements.

Contributing to Efficiency and Optimization with Volartech

The partnership we had not only met expectations, but far exceeded them. The material provided by our team became a powerful tool for Macondo. 

The aerial and digital visualizations made possible showing the project area, its location and surroundings with an impressive level of detail; this tool became crucial in the development stage of the project, as it allowed investors to understand the true dimension and potential of the project. 

Optimization and efficiency increased tremendously, which streamlined the process of selling fractions of the project and boosted sales through the ability to present a realistic and attractive perspective of the project.

Recommendation and always looking to the Future

When we asked if they would recommend our services to other companies or individuals looking for digital solutions and aerial technology, Macondo responded with a resounding yes. 

The satisfaction with the results achieved and the experience of collaborating with our team left a lasting impression on Macondo. The ability to generate high quality video and footage and its impact on the decision-making process were key factors in this recommendation.

Macondo saw a future where aerial and digital technology would become an essential component in their business model and considered our family.

Now see for yourself the result of this great collaboration:

Click here to watch the video

Macondo’s success story with our organization underscores  the power of aerial and digital technology in the world of real estate development. This collaboration has demonstrated how accurate, fast and engaging visualization can make a significant difference in the marketing and a project success. 

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, innovation and collaboration like this will be cornerstones for progress. At Volartech, we stand out as an important guide in the field, providing solutions that transform the way we perceive and approach real estate projects.

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