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Digital Twins: Take control in every space of your company with Volartech

Digital Twins: Take control in every space of your company with Volartech

In the world of technological innovation, digital twins have emerged as a revolutionary tool with the potential to transform entire industries. You are probably wondering what exactly are digital twins, and how can they benefit your company? In this blog you will find the answer, and you will learn how you can acquire these services with our Volartech team.

We will tell you the essence of this technology, keeping in mind our status as a leading company in the AEC sector’s technological advancements.  

First, know about the context of what Digital Twins are and how they are created:

Digital Twins are exact virtual replicas of real-world objects, systems or processes.  They are created by combining real-time data and advanced mathematical modeling to provide an accurate and immediate virtual representation of their physical counterpart.

The creation involves collection of data through sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, this data is used to develop a digital model that simulates the behavior and characteristics of the object or system in reality. 

According to IBM (International Business Machines) Digital twins and simulations share the use of models to reproduce system processes, but the key difference lies in the focus and scope of each, while simulations focus on studying a specific process, digital twins offer a virtual environment that is much more valuable for analysis.

In addition, they are designed to take advantage of real-time data from sensors on the object. This bi-directionality in the flow of information allows digital twins to be constantly enhanced with relevant data and, in turn, share the knowledge gained with the original object.

The advantage of these lies in the availability of more complete and updated data in various areas, allowing them to study a wide range of issues from multiple perspectives, unlike standard simulations, these have a more powerful virtual environment, which makes them ideal tools to improve products, processes or facilitate the inventory of intelligent buildings.

In Volartech we take care of all that architectural survey of intelligent buildings, wich mean, we focus on the stage of building when it makes the decision to become a fully digitized place. 

This will allow you to digitize each space of the building in 3D, making it much easier to count or inventory of the different objects that complement it (doors, pipes, light bulbs, etc.)

Having the building completely mapped, your company or organization will advance to the next level with Volartech and will be at the forefront of technology.

Look at these images that will help you understand our work:

To give you a clearer idea, here are 3 examples of Digital Twins applications in different industries:

  • In the aerospace industry, they are used to simulating aircraft performance and optimize design, thus reducing costs and improving safety.
  • In the manufacturing industry, they are used to improving production efficiency, minimizing resource waste and shortening time to market.
  • On infrastructure management, they are used to monitoring and maintain the integrity of bridges, buildings and other structures, extending their service life and avoiding costly repairs.

Our digital twin solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each company, with extensive experience in their implementation and state-of-the-art technology.

Investing in digital twins translates into significant improvement in operational efficiency and more informed decision-making, meaning substantial savings and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

If you are looking to maximize your potential and obtain an unmatched cost/benefit ratio, don’t hesitate to partner with us. With our experience and advanced technology, we are ready to take your company to the next level.

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