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Can you fly drones in Miami? Find out with Volartech!

Can you fly drones in Miami? Find out with Volartech!

Miami is a city known for its beaches, skyscrapers and vibrant nightlife, it has also become a popular place for drone enthusiasts, however; before taking off it is crucial to understand the regulations established by local and federal authorities to fly drones in this city, either for recreational or commercial purposes.

That’s why we will talk about the current regulations and how you can enjoy flying drones in Florida.

Below, you will learn about Miami’s regulations for the use of drones. 

For both drone enthusiasts and businesses wishing to use this technology, it is essential to comply with the regulations, ensuring the safety and privacy of residents and visitors.

The United States Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) has established guidelines governing the use of drones in the airspace, learn a little about some of them:

Drone registration: Any drone weighing more than 0.55 pounds (approximately 250 grams) must be registered with the FAA before flying in U.S. airspace, including Miami (Register your drone by clicking here).

Recreational Flight: Drones for recreational use must follow certain guidelines, such as staying at a maximum altitude of 400 feet (approximately 120 meters) above the ground and staying away from airports and restricted areas.

Commercial Flight: If you plan using a drone for commercial purposes, special FAA certification, such as  Part 107, is required. In addition, specific guidelines must be followed to ensure safety and protect privacy.

Respect privacy: It is critical to respect people’s privacy while flying a drone, avoid filming or photographing private areas without permission, and maintain an adequate distance from people and buildings.

Taking Miami drone flying to the next level with Volartech

Now that you know the regulations, the question arises, how can you enjoy this exciting activity without worrying about the legal and operational aspects? This is where we stand out as a leading drone service company for businesses that can make the experience easier for you.

Experience and licenses: We have a team of expert pilots with extensive experience in drone flying, all our pilots are FAA certified under Part 107 for commercial operations, which guarantees a safe and legal flight.

Local knowledge: Having in-depth knowledge of Miami’s airspace and restricted areas, means that we can provide accurate information on areas where you can fly safely and legitimately.

Customized service: Whether you want to capture stunning images of Miami Beach or need drone services for your business, we offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance: We are committed to complying with all regulations set forth by the FAA and other local authorities, ensuring that every flight is conducted ethically and legally.

In addition, TRUST provides education, testing, and important safety and regulatory information. If you want to fly your drone recreationally under the Recreational Flying Exception, you must pass this test before flying, you must pass this test before flying (Learn more about the TRUST test by clicking here).

If your goal is flying your drone in Miami City, then learn more about the regulations that the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Legislature have for you; Florida has four state laws on the use of drones, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.

It is possible to fly drones in Miami, as long as the proper regulations for recreational or commercial flights are met. For those who want to enjoy this activity without worrying about the legal and operational aspects.

With us, you will find a reliable and experienced option, our team of certified pilots in audiovisual content creation, drone piloting, and local knowledge make us an ideal choice.