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Why hiring experienced drone pilots is necessary to protect your company 

Why hiring experienced drone pilots is necessary to protect your company 

Technology has revolutionized the construction and real estate industry. It is an indisputable fact that we corroborate day by day with the creation and implementation of multiple digital tools such as AutoDesk, with which we streamline processes to make them more efficient. 

Precisely, one of the most useful and popular devices today, are drones; unmanned aircraft that have demonstrated their ability to capture videos and panoramic photographs with high resolution. And since they are in trend, more and more companies are choosing to implement them in their daily work, however, one aspect that should be analyzed carefully, is that piloting them requires techniques and expertise; because not all people are suitable to use them for professional purposes.

Therefore, if your desire is to get the most out of them to achieve impactful images and videos, below we tell you why it is relevant that you hire an expert drone pilot, and this how it can make a difference for your business.

Quality results:

By having an experienced pilot, you will have optimal results, as he/she knows perfectly the most appropriate techniques to capture high-definition images and videos, which translates into accurate data for your company; and audiovisual material that you can show to potential buyers,

Efficiency and cost savings:

Thanks to their knowledge and skill in handling drones, these professionals can plan and execute flights faster and more effectively. This means that they will spend less time on the ground and, as a result, there will be a reduction in operating costs. In addition, prompt reporting and analysis of the data collected will allow you to make agile and timely decisions.

Safety and legal compliance:

An experienced pilot knows all the regulations and legal requirements in force, among them, the certifications they must have to fly these types of devices. This avoids possible penalties and conflicts that could arise from the misuse of this technology. Likewise, their focus on safety during each flight minimizes the risk of accidents and damage, protecting not only your investment, but also your company’s reputation.

Versatility and adaptability:

Expert drone pilots have the ability to adapt and be versatile in different situations and environments. This is undoubtedly very necessary, as each project is different and presents unique challenges that an inexperienced pilot will not know how to deal with properly, resulting in incidents and damages.

So now you know, if you are going to implement drone flights, hire the services of a trained and experienced pilot! This way, you won’t have any kind of problem.