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Timelapse videos: what are they and why use them in your projects?

Timelapse videos: what are they and why use them in your projects?

In the field of construction, technology is playing an increasingly important role due to its ability to adapt to different processes and facilitate their execution. Therefore, it provides agility and greater opportunities for optimization in all industries that implement it. 

An example of this is the supervision of projects. Previously, in order to do so, it was necessary to visit the site and make a detailed tour in which progress and possible errors were evaluated.  This has changed drastically with the development of software and digital tools that allow such supervision to be done remotely.

One of the most innovative technological resources that favor the visualization of the progress of each stage are the timelapse videos.  An audiovisual material that groups sequences of images captured at different intervals over a period of time.

This is possible thanks to the latest generation of high-definition cameras, which are equipped with a built-in timer that controls the frequency with which images are captured. One of the reasons why they have become the most widely used electronic tools for monitoring the execution of construction sites, and are now widely popular in the construction industry.

So, if you want to record how the final finishes are made from start to finish, the timelapse camera can capture frames whenever you need it, whether in periods of 30 minutes, 10 hours, weeks, or even months.

However, to obtain quality timelapse videos, you should choose a provider specialized in this type of technology that has the experience, technical and logistical capacity for installation, adaptation, and maintenance. Because generating this type of material implies specific knowledge and resources that your company cannot manage, since it is not what it does.

3 reasons to implement time-lapse cameras in your construction projects

Visual documentation of the project: through these devices it is possible to record all the stages to show how the entire work was carried out. In this way, progress can be seen, and the video generated supports reports and claims in case they arise.  

 Remote monitoring: as already mentioned, time-lapse cameras allow the progress of projects to be monitored in real-time and from any location. This makes it possible to detect critical points, opportunities for improvement, and facilitates decision-making.

Historical record: videos generated by time-lapse cameras are a valuable audiovisual resource for chronologically recording the evolution of a construction project. This also serves as support to evaluate each progress and process carried out.

If you want to start implementing timelapse videos to monitor your projects remotely, document their progress or keep their historical record, count on us to do it in a professional and high-quality way.

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